This time last year i was very sick, i had a numerous health conditions including epilepsy, severe eczema and unexplained vomiting. if you have read my other article you will know that cannabis and CBD now control my seizures and its been a life saving herb for me, although I still had vomiting and my skin was still effected.  I ate the same kind of things most British people ate, plenty of meat, not enough veg and a whole heap of packaged crap.  Why do we all eat this stuff which is hardly food that contains way too much sugar and salt and ingredients we cant comprehend? Well its because the stores that we “trust” sell them and they even tell us they are “good for us” and there’s no way our government would allow food to be sold to us that could  harm us….is there?


So I started looking into whats in our food and when I did it scared me, this so called food I was feeding to my children was doing them more harm than good, although packets were saying they were high in fiber, they were not, they said they were low fat but the fat was just replaced with sugar which also turns to fat.  I couldn’t trust anything i was reading, the only way to get good food into my family was to eat less meat, more fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and avoid anything with ingredients as much as possible which is extremely hard in a westernized country where we don’t grow enough fresh produce for ourselves.


Since changing our diet we feel so much better for it and we have now got an allotment where we can grow our own fruit and veg and know its good and fresh with no pesticides or growth hormones, also its really good for the children to learn where their food comes from and participate in growing it.

I could write on forever and tell you about everything that is poisoning us in foods that tempt us every day, the diseases that have risen dramatically due to our food and lifestyles but what I find is people don’t like to be told they like to discover, so hopefully i have planted a little seed in your mind and you can go on to research the food you eat and live a longer and happier life.

Thanks for reading and any questions please ask



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Devastated UK Bans CBD



The MRHA have recognized that CBD one of the main components in cannabis has medicinal values, now that its being seen as a medicine its going to be regulated like one.  CBD distributors have been given official notice to stop marketing and selling their products.  They will have to apply to license their products and maybe have to put them through trials.  Although GW Pharmaceuticals would probably not want that to happen because as it stands they hold the monopoly on medical marijuana in the UK. GW at present are distributors of Sativex a cannabinoid medicine and are in the process of testing epidolex. That all being well this medicine is not easy to get prescribed.

I had been seizure free for a month thanks to CBD oil and raw hemp, I was able to sleep at night and have the energy throughout the day which i never had before, in 34 years i had never really felt well due to epilepsy and severe eczema, my skin was clear and I had never felt better, that’s until i was running low on CBD, i tried to order more but couldn’t find any, I tried to order from abroad but couldn’t… I was completely devastated, thats when i saw the news.  I got in touch with my doctor straight away and made an appointment hoping i could get one of the CBD medications available through prescription as the MRHA advised.  I explained everything to my doctor how the seizures had stopped and he was amazed as I had been on so many meds throughout my life that hadn’t controlled my seizures.  Unfortunately my doctor said he didn’t know enough about CBD to prescribe it to me, and when I convinced him to look for some information he only found a limited amount on Sativex in his medical guide book, how could a medical professional not know anything about a herb which has so many medical properties, a herb that can cure and prevent so many diseases.  It was so frustrating, I told him my seizures would return as i had very little oil left and was so upset because i didn’t ever want to feel the way i used to again,  but still he refused to help me.  I have seen two doctors who both told me the same.

I’ve been 2 days without CBD and last night I had multiple seizures, and without my medicine i will continue to, how many people are being denied this herb? this medicine? their right to be well? this has to stop, LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!





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My Epilepsy story an introduction

I had my first seizure when i was 18 months old and soon after was diagnosed with epilepsy, I have mainly nocturnal seizures either when falling asleep or waking but when I’m ill, upset or tired I will have daytime seizures and on many occasions i have injured myself from falling and hitting my head.  Throughout my life I’ve been on numerous medications, anti epileptic drugs, sedatives, anti depressants etc.. Nothing stopped my seizures and the side effects of the medications were horrible, I was constantly tired and sick.   I’ve been passed around from consultant to consultant, and not one of them knew me or what i needed so they either just threw more drugs at me which I’d already tried or tried to say i may not even be epileptic. An accident and emergency doctor once said to me that my epilepsy was an atypical case and that maybe doctors didn’t understand it so that’s why i was being passed around.  After spending most of the summer a year ago in hospital due to seizures then being told by a consultant i had to wait 18 months plus for tests before they could help i felt completely let down and abandoned, i mean I’ve had epilepsy  for over 30 years couldn’t these tests have been done before? what do i do for the next year and a half? so I turned to the internet and found that medical marijuana was being used to treat epilepsy, i tried it and guess what it works!!!